Thank you for an Incredible weekend

It’s our closing day and we’re so grateful to have spent time and space with you this Equinox Weekend.  We hope you are feeling held and nourished in all ways during our time together. Below you will find a few final offerings.  All videos from the weekend can be found through the Video button at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for being here.  We hope to hug you at Cedar Bloom one day soon. Until then, we are Woven through the magic of this time.


Unci Rita

Closing Ritual

We are honored to have Unci Rita with us for our closing Ritual. Unci means grandmother in Lakota. Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance is Oglala Lakota, she was born in the SW corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. She still lives on the land that was allotted to her great-grandparents over 100 years ago. Unci Rita cherishes and advocates her traditional Lakota ways and language which she speaks fluently. Unci Rita is empathetic to single parents and their struggles to raise their children because she herself was a single parent raising her children (and five of her oldest grandchildren) on her own. Unci Rita is skilled in survival knowing how to dry food and make clothing in traditional Lakota style or contemporary wear. Today Unci Rita is a grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother. Unci Rita feels that being part of the grandmother’s council feels like family, like blood relation, like the other grandmothers feel like her sisters. Unci Rita said the most important job the grandmother’s council has is to keep all the people in a straight line, “no matter what denomination or color they are.”


We extend the biggest warmest thank you for joining us this weekend.  We are so grateful for your trust and courage to take this leap of faith to be here today. 

Morning Tea & Meditation

with Alisa Ratner


We start with bowl tea to connect us first to nature and the spirit of this practice. We start with bowl Tea to bring our awareness from the head to the heart. We start with bowl Tea so we can learn to listen. We start here because it is simple… Just leaves, hot water, and a bowl. In this workshop we will talk about some of the philosophical and practical aspects of Bowl tea, including what differentiates, it from other ceremonies, the importance of ritual, how to hold the bowl, and simple techniques on serving bowl tea.

Please have a bowl (if you do not have a tea bowl then a bowl of any kind, preferably one that fits comfortably in the hand) tea leaves and hot water.

Regenerative Integration

with Sibyl Buck

Sibyl’s Studio: The New Paradome @sibbyfresh

Sibyl offers an integration practice which begins supported by pillows and blankets, so come prepared for cozy! Tapping into the tools of the nervous system, we’ll land where we are, get grounded, and begin to increase our tolerance for witnessing what is, as the body takes deep rest. Sometimes bodies want to stay still for the duration, which is welcomed. For those whose bodies are craving movement, we’ll proceed slowly, in deep and intimate conversation with our human mammal companion animal, making the shapes it asks for, and showing up to be a good listener for whatever it wants us to feel. Topped off with a final savasana, this mellow session is sure to leave your body, mind, and spirit calibrated and ready for whatever comes next.

Gather cozy blankets pillows eye coverings essential oils crystals or whatever you love to have for nurturing and connecting to the senses. Especially blankets and pillows.


After any powerful event in our lives, we often find physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes occur. Return to our normal environments may at first feel confusing, disjointed, or even painful. 

We invite you to approach your journey back to everyday life with gentleness and respect for the experience you had. In fact, the same amount of energy we spent choosing, planning, and attending the event could be spent integrating and digesting the event for the months to come. Many blessings on your journey.

Below are some tips that may be helpful for a grounded, healthy, and peaceful transition into life post-gathering:

  • Bathe with epsom or sea salts
  • Allow extra time for rest and relaxation
  • Eat grounding foods like root vegetables and mushrooms.

Honor Your Experience and Hold Space for Yourself

  • Honor a four-day blanket post-gathering: Pay attention to signs, messages, dreams.
  • Journal to process your experiences and record memories
  • Embrace solitude, avoid people and environments that disrupt your emotional well-being
  • Avoid intense activities, instead make time for contemplation, spaciousness, and transition
  • Choose music that is soft, and non-verbal

Connect with the Spirit Weavers Community

  • Find your Instructors and Attendees on Social Media or Spirit Weavers locally to share about your experiences during and after the gathering. Let this be a gentle time of sharing tea and stories.
  • Keep the sacred sisterhood alive by continuing to meet on a regular basis for support, strength, and love.
  • Reach out to new and/or friends who attended the gathering and aren’t local via social media. Share memories and experiences, ask for reflection, advice, and follow-up activities.

Today is World Water Day

Join the Elders for a beautiful prayer, ceremony and celebration

On world water day we want to celebrate the indigenous women leaders around the world who are challenging corporate destruction of the Earth and Water using spiritual and political might. In California, Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu is fighting to restore her endangered salmon runs in California’s largest watershed. In Hawaii, Kumu Pua Case of the Hawaiian Kingdom has been standing for her island’s most sacred mountain and watershed against the construction of a 30-meter telescope.

Join these powerful Women on March 22 for World Water Day, as we sit in circle with two indigenous women leaders who will share their wisdom and who have been on the front lines of our struggles to protect sacred water. The speakers will share why protecting our water is so important, and will also share their stories of struggle and resistance from their time on the frontlines as water protectors, mothers, aunties, and grandmothers of the next generation.

Come to this circle if you want to learn about what you can do to ensure our water remains clean for future generations.

Videos from the Gathering

Please enjoy the videos gathered from the weekend in case you missed any! Please note, due to privacy and consent legalities, no class sessions will be shared from the live event. Please reach out to instructors for resources and workshops.

We love and appreciate you
Thank you for being here
See you over at the World Water Day Celebration