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Thank you

What a joy it has been to gather together to heal, hold, and nourish one another. 

Closing Ritual

Today we are honored to gather across space, from all over the world, overcoming circumstances, shifts, and unprecedented times to be here together. 


We extend the biggest warmest thank you for joining us this weekend.  This is the first Virtual Gathering that Spirit Weavers has organized, and we are so grateful for your trust and courage to take this leap of faith to be here today. 

Earth Mama Soul Flow: Yoga for Radiant Womb Health

with Candice Neaves


This is a deeply grounding, healing and transformative vinyasa flow, designed to bring awareness to the breath and subtle energies in the body. Especially supportive for women seeking to balance their divine feminine and masculine energies and bring healing to the womb space. Consider what your intention for healing is. What is your connection to your womb space? 



After any powerful event in our lives we often find physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes occur. Return to our normal environments may at first feel confusing, disjointed, or even painful. 

We invite you to approach your journey back to everyday life with gentleness and respect for the experience you had. In fact, the same amount of energy we spent choosing, planning, and attending the event could be spend integrating and digesting the event for the months to come.

Below are some tips that pay be helpful for a grounded, healthy, and peaceful transition into life post-gathering:

  • Bathe with epsom or sea salts
  • Allow extra time for rest and relaxation
  • Eat grounding foods like root vegetables and mushrooms.


Honor Your Experience and Hold Space for Yourself 

  • Honor a four-day blanket post-gathering: Pay attention to signs, messages, dreams.
  • Journal to process your experiences and record memories
  • Embrace solitude, avoid people and environments that disrupt your emotional well-being
  • Avoid intense activities, instead make time for contemplation, spaciousness, and transition
  • Choose music that is soft, and non-verbal

Connect with the Spirit Weavers Community

  • Find your Instructors and Attendees on Social Media or Spirit Weavers locally to share about your experiences during and after the gathering. Let this be a gentle time of sharing tea and stories. 
  • Keep the sacred sisterhood alive by continuing to meet on a regular basis for support, strength, and love.
  • Reach out to new and/or friends who attended the gathering and aren’t local via social media. Share memories and experiences, ask for reflection, advice, and follow-up activities.

Many blessings on your journey!


Here is a document created during the Virtual Weave Pride Tent space to keep in touch, share suggestions and feedback, and connect after the gathering. Thank you to Angela Caruso, Clairey Sage and Ana Anu for creating and holding this space for us.


Come-UNITY Village BIPOC Feedback form for the Virtual Weave. This is a space to share anything that came up for BIPOC around equity during the Spirit Weavers Gathering Virtual Weave. The Come-UNITY Village will be receiving this feedback and will be responding next week. Thank you for being with us and sharing your feedback.


During Portia and Staci Ivori’s Community Town Hall Class, a document was created sharing resources that were discussed. Here is the document, along with contact information for Portia and Staci.

Videos from the Gathering

Gathered from the weekend, including Tea Ceremony, Yoga and Song Circle. Please note, due to privacy and consent legalities, no class sessions will be shared from the live event. Please reach out to instructors for resources and workshops.