Opening Ritual

Today we are honored to gather across space, from all over the world, overcoming circumstances, shifts, and unprecedented times to be here together. 


We extend the biggest warmest thank you for joining us this weekend.  This is the first Virtual Gathering that Spirit Weavers has organized, and we are so grateful for your trust and courage to take this leap of faith to be here today. 

Song Circle

After three years away birthing a child and starting her own Song Community in Toronto, we are excited to have Milla Redwood back with us for the Virtual Song Circle.   Mila and friends from her community,  Natty Abdou, Leila Salnot and Steph Drouin shared with us some new songs for these times along with some old favorites! You can find Mila through her Song Community Sing for Joy where they host weekly song meet ups and events throughout the year.

Tea Ceremony

We are always so honored to shared this precious time together over many bowls of tea. Please feel free to tune in again and share a few more… bringing our presence and heart to these moments and the many bowls of tea to come.

Spirit Weavers Water Blessing at the Wainiha River 2020 Kumu Kehaulani Kekua of Kauai

The vision for the Spirit Weavers Gathering came though in 2012 while Mea and her family were living alongside the Wainiha River. 

Since we haven’t been able to take everyone to this most sacred river in which the birthing of the gathering took place, we thought the Virtual Weave would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the river and share a traditional offering ceremony to the river with a Kumu  Kaipuwai Kekua Waiau from Kauai who’s roots go back for many generations. 


Helen Kaipuwai Kekua Waiau and Mea came together last week to bring offerings, prayers and blessings to the river as a way of giving back. Kumu’s halau is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of ha`a and hula that originate from Kaua`i’s ancient Heiau or hula temples. The halau continues today, under the direction of Kehaulani Kekua, who inherited the responsibilities of the upon her grandmother’s passing. As a young child, Kumu Kehaulani was raised and groomed in the hula traditions of Kaua`i that has been maintained by generations of her family. Her grandmother, served as her primary kumu hula throughout her life. She would also go on to receive formal hula training under renown kumu hula, Joseph Kamoha`i Kahaulelio and Leina`ala Kalama Heine. With other master kumu, including Mahinake`oke`o Kelly, Pualani Kanaka`ole and Hokulani Holt she was fortunate to have expanded her training experiences in the art of oli or chant, traditional protocols and ceremony, and other facets of Hawaiian ancestral knowledge.


We’re so grateful you could take part of this most beautiful ceremony as we dance, chant and pray to the Wainiha Valley and the river which runs through it. 


Filmed by Jess Kollar. Mahalo to Matt, Chelsea and Maylah for offering their land for Ceremony.

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

via The Grandmother’s Wisdom Project and Mä Creative

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Closing Dance party with DJ Salome

Each year as the gathering comes to a close we celebrate with weekend with an amazing dance party.  This year we were honored to host Salomé Le Chat all the way from Ibiza! Whether you are solo dancing or joining a group of friends or family, we hope you enjoy this epic set! Find Salomé Le Chat on Instagram  @salomelechat

Closing Ritual