What to Expect


Because we will be meeting virtually instead of in person this year, here are some tips, information and insight into how our time together will look and feel during the gathering.

This is a new experience for all of us, so in true Spirit Weavers style, we are all learning together.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.

1. Explore the Schedules

The schedule mirrors our in-person experience on the land, so you can take a look at the breakdown of the day-to-day on the schedule page.  Then, explore the skillshare offerings for each session so you can acclimate yourself to which classes you’d like to take during the morning and afternoon sessions Friday through Sunday. Please note any items that you may need to bring or have prepared.  We also recommend choosing a couple backup classes that you’re interested in for each time slot. Each virtual class session will hold 500 people at a time, so depending on attendance, classes could fill up.  If one particular class feels really important for you to attend, please be sure to show up to the sessions page a early so you can be ready to enter the class on time.  Know that there’s a chance you may not get your first choice class, but that there are many amazing offerings to choose from. 

2. Locations

Familiarize yourself with the locations of events both here on the main site and on our virtual gathering platform. Please note that both this virtual weave site and our virtual platform are for registered users only. A login for the virtual platform is meant for one user only, please do not share the links or your logins with others. 

This virtual site you are on now will be our home base for our weekend together. You can come here to the virtual weave home page each day of the gathering for access to that day’s offerings. We will be meeting here on this site for the Opening and Closing Rituals and there will be links to our virtual platform for the classes and offerings Friday through Sunday. Our virtual platform is really similar to the way our in-person gathering is held with five main areas:

Reception – The Reception area is the welcome page or lobby for the gathering.

Stage – There is one main stage and it supports up to 100,000 concurrent viewers. The stage is where you will find yoga, tea, performances and fireside chats.

Sessions – The sessions area of the gathering is where you will find all of our classes.

Connecting – The networking area is the place where you can meet and connect one-on-one during the gathering.

Expo – The Expo area is the virtual Marketplace with vendor booths at the gathering.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about these locations, and what exciting experiences each area will hold for you.

3. Tech Support

The skillshare and event offerings will be accessible through the virtual weave site and link you to our virtual platform. Before June 11th, make sure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox downloaded on your computer for the weekend. These are the browsers to use or you may experience technical difficulties. Then, feel free to look into the Virtual Platform site and get a feel for how the site works if you’re unfamiliar.  Our virtual platform is simple and user friendly, and we will be here along the way for any tech support or questions should they arise. Take a look at our FAQs for more information on each section of the virtual platform, and feel free to explore these helpful support docs about our virtual platform.

We will be in the Sessions section of Hopin throughout the gathering if you need support throughout the weekend.

4. Marketplace

The Spirit Weavers Marketplace is one of the highlights of the gathering.  You can find anything from Sustainable goods to vintage treasures to Spirit Weavers merchandise.  We’re excited to host some of our favorite vendors from over the years.


Our marketplace vendors will be listed on this site the first day of the gathering and then the marketplace takes place in the expo of our virtual platform during the lunch and dinner breaks. Many makers will be live and others will have a pre-recorded welcome video during this time. This will be an opportunity to chat with artisans and makers in real time, and to get a peek into the studios and booths of some of our favorite creators so come prepared to spend some time meeting vendors, perusing their wares and purchasing items through the links to their shops and social media.

5. Mornings

Join us each morning from 7:30-8:30am
We’ll come together for morning Tea Meditation and a handful of other special events

yoga sw


7:30-8:30am – Sessions Area

We are here to serve as a grounding force for your overall Virtual Weave experience. In order to truly absorb the learning and information during the gathering, we must allow that information space to digest properly. We are here to better serve your transitions in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm. It is essential that we all journey with Grace as we deepen into our path.

  • Friday: Davana Singletary, Flower And Flow: Yoga + Aromatherapy
  • Saturday: Sibyl Buck, Regenerative Integration Yoga
  • Sunday: Candice Neaves, Earth Mama Soul Flow: Yoga For Radiant Womb Health
IMG_2325 - Baelyn Elspeth


7:30-8:30am – Stage

We gather together in stillness to share Tea. In this space of silence we receive Tea as nature and as medicine, having an opportunity to attune to the elements and practice self cultivation. Baelyn Elspeth will be holding the space for our tea meditation. If you have an established tea practice please have your kettles heated and ready so we can begin all together in stillness. For any that may be new to “The Way of Tea”, please feel welcome to join with warm water or any tea you might have. You are also more than welcome to simply sit in silent meditation and be in silent presence with the container.

ladies transparent

6. Evenings

Join us each evening on the Main Stage at 7pm for music


Friday Night Song Circle
7-8:30pm – Stage

with our beloved Mila Redwood & Community

On Friday night each year we gather together around our sacred hearth fire for our  Song Circle.  All are invited to join voices together and share songs new and old.  We are honored to have Mila Redwood back with us.  Mila was one of the original song carriers of the gathering and we can’t wait for you all to meet her.

final transparent

Saturday Night Live Music
7pm – Stage

We are excited to surprise you with our special guests

Each Saturday evening we have a handful of performers that grace our main stage. For the Virtual Weave, a few of our favorite music guests will be performing from their homes.  We’re excited to share who will be joining over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


Sunday Evening Dance Party
7pm – Stage

Always a highlight of the gathering, join us to for a live dj dance party

As the weekend comes to a close we like to let it all loose during our Sunday night dance party!  Join us with DJ ARK as she plays all of our Femme Favorites with a ton of flashbacks. Amanda will have just given birth so we’re excited to have her make her debut as a new Mama for our Sunday night dance ritual.